Order Sea Green

Online and retail ordering for Sea Green Organics products are coming soon.

Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract will be available in different sizes.

Bottles: One quart (32 oz or 946 ml) · One gallon (128 oz 3,784 ml) · 2.5 gallon (320 oz 9,462 ml)
Drums: Five gallon drum · 55 gallon drum
Tanks: 275 gallon tote tank

Analysis: This product is derived from seaweed.
Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) .4%; Phosphorous: 0%; Soluble Potash (K2O): 2%
Typical Analysis: Cr-None Detected; As-None Detected; Cd-None Detected; Na-2332; Ca-711.9265; Mg-488.125; S-2520.294; Co-0.032515; Fe-34.58529; Mn-17.04191; Zn-2.568015; B-6.359779